Weekend Projects
Keppinautur Promo Video

After seeing me do some filming last weekend, Rúnar asked me to put together a promo video for our tournament next week. That sounded like a fun enough challenge, so I spent Friday’s practice shooting a bunch of footage.

I haven’t ever been happy with any of the “simple” video editing software that I’ve tried in the past. So, for this project, I bit the bullet and downloaded a full-strength tool— DaVinci Resolve. Saturday and Sunday were then spent trying to both learn how to use DaVinci and come up with a servicable video.

My basic strategy was to find an appropriate piece of royalty-free music to use as the sound track, and then work backwards from there to figure out how to fit the necessary video clips in time with the music. Overall, I think this worked quite well, but it’s not the workflow that DaVinci is really designed for. In particular, I had a hard time keeping it from moving around clips that I had already placed to either make room for ones I was adding or close up gaps when I removed something. Overall, though, I’m quite happy with DaVinci as a tool and will probably use it again when I need to make another video.

Blog Setup

I’ve spent the last hour or two trying to get Hugo set up to maintain this website. As you’re reading this, I’ve obviously gotten it working at least a little bit. Overall, it seems to be quite a powerful system but I’ll probably end up ditching the default theme suggested by the quick-start guide— I apparently have stronger opinions about how the site should look and feel than I originally realized, and this theme’s choices don’t match them.

The good news is that Hugo seems like it’s got a good system to separate the content from the theming, so I should be able to use it like this and rip out the theme later for something I’m happier with.