Weekend Projects
Lost Weeks

I’m writing this from next weekend, so this will be a bit shorter than usual. I had a couple of weeks with very little motivation, so I didn’t accomplish much other than rest. But I did have a screenshot of a revised sweatpant pattern that I developed during that time, so I figured I should at least put it up here. I have the paper pattern sitting on my unfinished project shelf to prototype sometime in the next few weeks.


Weekend Projects

I’ve noticed recently that my supply of sweatpants is starting to get a bit threadbare, so they’ll need to be replaced soon. This seemed like a great opportunity to remember how to make clothes myself— I’ve been out of practice for a while.

I’ve lost a little bit of weight recently, so the first step was to re-measure. Measuring yourself is not an easy task, and quite error-prone, so I needed to somehow verify that I’d done it right.